Golden Radio Africa -  HIV/AIDS Prevention ProgramCulturing Individual, Partner, Family & Cultural Responsibility – starting with HIV/AIDS reliable protection.

Neal Golden has the male Country singer appeal to become the Marlboro Man for Male Responsibility in Africa with protected sex methods (Condoms always). This frank-talking, entertaining, patient and empathetic “Cowboy” is the voice Women take hope from, children can listen to and look up to with confidence, and men can respect.

The format is geared to take the HIV/AIDS prevention  message to the most "at-risk" segments of the population, who can respond to and take directions from a "singer hero".

The Music Keeps Listeners "Tuned in - Turned On"

Golden Radio offers the “Best-of-Breed” and “State-of-the-Art” AIDS/Prevention & Repositioning program.  Golden Radio Africa propagates prevention in the most direct, acceptable & sustainable way possible.

Only 100% adherence to the Prevention Program utilizing Condoms is good enough. That requires a 100% presence in the most at-risk spreaders-of-the-disease’s minds, 24/7.

We create a culture (most asked-for music venue in Africa), and the means to access the messages (FM radios), and the Condoms to follow through and carry out the strategy (Golden Condoms), and the community and family cultural support (Golden “Keep Us On” signs, talking trees, Golden Kiosks), along with the most authoritative example of conquering addictions (Neal Golden), selling a program that can heighten awareness, win cross-sections of support and evangelize an army of Condom-wearing, responsible male soldiers in the fight against HIV/AIDS’ disease.

We both lead in the defensive arena, to improve the individuals’, family’s, cultures’ and country’s survival (putting down the pandemic at its roots) – but, we give the means to work their way free in the equivalent of a post WWI 50’s environment with Entrepreneurial encouragement, resources and assistance. Neal Golden, the consummate entrepreneur, trains and emboldens women, men and children to become entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneur training, advice and encouragement

Entrepreneurism is the quickest, best investment for anyone investing in a country (per “Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism”). Neal Golden, a “Top 100 franchiser founder, (who was teamed with Pizza Hut’s founder), has started hundreds of enterprises.

Programs that are based in Abstinence only are doomed to failure from the outset.  Even in America among young, idealist Christian religious female converts the promises and good intentions to maintain abstinence are 80% broken by the end of the tenure.  How much less likely, then, that African male (dominant) men, who typically do not like wearing condoms, be to systematically and consistently think EACH TIME they engage in sex – while drunk, tired, despondent, etc. – than the model group.  One failure to utilize a condom can, and often does, lead to an irreversible fatal result.

Golden Radio’s Program, therefore, is the only program to back with your partnering dollars. For we have all that it takes, with your help, to get the job done.  And, we will be represented in all parts of the society at every level; it is like a Manhattan Project for HIV/AIDS prevention. And, it must be carried out that quickly, that well and that thoroughly to avert the onslaught of a worsening pandemic.

No time to waste!

There is no time to waste!  Pledge your partnership dollars to Golden Radio Africa, fully owned by a non-profit 501 c 3 foundation in the US , with Christian, Secular and Muslim Advisory Board Members steering the operation from start to finish.

Listen the Neal Golden and the Sounds & Messages of Golden Radio Africa . - a Draft website to DEMO the station.

Strategy & Production Methods

Streaming Internet Radio will be produced in the US , with content donated from all parts of the World, Africa, England , Norway , et al, to be hosted by Neal Golden and his staff.  HIV/AIDS prevention public ads will be featured through the 24/7 broadcast days.

The Golden Radio Africa programming is then intercepted by its licensed terrestrial station in the targeted country ( Kenya , Ethiopia , Uganda , Tanzania , etc.)  It is then rebroadcast over FM terrestrial radio airwaves to be received by conventional radio sets nationwide.

Whenever sex is about to convene, Golden Radio Africa will be there to remind listeners, “Keep it on; keep us on – and we will keep you safe” and prepare you to change your life.”

With the discipline of condom usage comes great training to become good at other disciplines.  Golden Radio utilizes the Consistent Condom Usage program, with the female’s affidavits of consistent male usage, as a Rewards Program (Golden Condoms & Golden FM Radio), to build a basis for Rewards Programs on a positive Entrepreneurial level. Women who can demonstrate responsibility and female leadership (with male adherence) can qualify for micro loans.

The bookended Golden Africa program – defensive on the HIV/AIDS front and offensive on the entrepreneurial / micro loans’ front, is as well-rounded a personal, couple, family, cultural and country program as can be created.


Support Golden Africa Radio. It’s a first step in a major step toward rapid turn-around. It can work; it will work – and it must work to stem the pandemic spread of HIV/AIDS decimating African nations.  Act now – while there are still families to base a cultural turn-around around.